May 12, 2013

Valeska Gert - Wolfgang Müller in conversation with Ernst Mitzka

Last Friday, May 10, 2013, we celebrated the publication of Valeska Gert. Bewegte Fragmente. Eine Quellenedition / Fragments in Motion. A Source Book (published by Hybriden Verlag) in Gallery Maifoto in Kreuzberg. For the occasion my co-editor Wolfgang Müller talked with media artist Ernst Mitzka about Valeska Gert. I videotaped the conversation with my i-phone. It seems my camera was focusing on the luring red cover of the book instead of on the faces behind it! At least the sound is ok. Yet it is only for German speakers ...  The great news is that the book is in both German and English. The translation was done by Ana Isabel Keilson, who is a cultural historian from Columbia University, New York, working on dance. Ernst Mitzka's wonderful videos of Valeska Gert performing Baby and Death in 1969 do not only accompany the book as a DVD, together with beautiful film stills there are also on show until May 17 in Gallery Maifoto, Dresdenerstr. 18 in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Check it out!

Wolfgang Müller, Ernst Mitzka and me © Catharsis Studio

In the book you can find:
the DVD of Ernst Mitzka''s videos Das Baby and Der Tod
a DVD with film fragments and an interview with Valeska Gert on 1970s TV
texts by Wolfgang Müller, Susanne Foellmer and me
a text "On Dance" by Valeska Gert published in Kulturwille in 1932
an unpublished interview with Valeska Gert
photos by Ruth Berlau and Herbert Tobias
a letter of Valeska Gert to the editor Elisabeth Pablé
an interview with Georg Kreisler
a book marker with the "pause" sign by Wolfgang Müller

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