January 11, 2015

Art Object of the Week: Wolfgang Müller’s KauÞing-Bank Baseball-Cap

Many people have been screaming this week that they have to defend the freedom of the West that has been with us since Enlightenment (by spreading stereotypical satire on Muslims in a Europe that is already full of anti-Muslim racism). So here is an object that talks about this kind of freedom that, for instance, keeps the top bankers responsible for the 2008 financial crisis in the United States of America out of jail. This baseball cap is not exactly an art object since Wolfgang Müller is not wearing it as an art performance but while living everyday life in Kreuzberg, Berlin. It does, however, reflect the punk attitude of Müller’s art practice. And if he would wear it in Iceland it would be quite similar to Sid Vicious running around with a Hakenkreuz T-shirt on his rock’n roll swindle through Paris. KauÞing-bank was a major bank in Iceland that collapsed in 2008 with the economic crisis. In 2013 four former bosses from the bank were prosecuted in Reykjavik for "orchestrating five large-scale market manipulation conspiracies" and, unlike the bankers in the USA, they were sentenced to between three and five and a half years in jail.

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