March 8, 2015

(Art Object) of The Week: The Feminist Century

Girl Power on Tempelhofer Freedom in Berlin

To celebrate Women's Day here is a quote of the amazing Eileen Myles, tackling Andrew Sullivan's writing about testosterone in the year 2000, and an ode to feminism and feminists:

"Listen to this provocative tack: 'After a feminist century ...' Now, isn't that something! But, I'll let him continue: 'After a feminist century we may be in need of a new understanding of masculinity.' Reading that, I feel I've missed something. I didn't know that the 20th century was the feminist century. I consider myself a feminist. How could I have not known about this bestowal of a century and Andrew did? Did it happen at some tiny conservative college in the Midwest? I would have acted differently if I'd known it was my century. I would have acted - well, how does one act when they know the house is theirs, when it's their ball, when their father owns the team? I would have acted differently, for sure.

Because I remember the 20th century and I was doing okay, but I was struggling. I could have used that extra lift. But Andrew is clearly referring to a century in which women had perhaps a little too much power and success (and he didn't have enough?) and yet where were the articles like this about oestrogen, progesterone, and yes, even female testosterone, because we do have a bit, and when we get angry we have more. And when we are successful it also expands accordingly."

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