April 6, 2015

Art Object of the Week: Converse All Stars Arty Shoes

Fafi for Adidas

Are you a fashionista and an art lover? Converse All Stars just released a new series of Andy Warhol sneakers with prints like the Campbell’s soup cans. Besides making money, All Stars hopes “it inspires you to push boundaries with your creativity.” Art people in Berlin are not the most fashionable people. Berlin in general doesn’t really know how to dress. Luckily the art people don’t put on dresses over pants, which is a long-lasting favorite in Berlin that never seems to die. Art people tend to wear black clothes and that’s quite it. Seeing them, one just hopes that all their creativity goes into the art work. But I don’t know if these Andy Warhol sneakers are such a winner anyway. Who wants to walk in the shoes of another artist? I’m still debating. If they were really made by Andy Warhol, I would buy them in a heartbeat. But besides not making a Hollywood film, Andy Warhol also didn’t make fashion. He was not that commercial after all. Once I did buy sport shoes designed by the street artist Fafi for Adidas. I must admit that I didn’t know Fafi when I bought the shoes, I just happened to be in my pink glitter phase. That phase didn’t last long, so I’m happy they're still in a perfect condition. At the moment I’m in a quite expensive Claudie Pierlot phase, so if anybody wants to sponsor me, click here

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