July 1, 2015

Art Blogger of the Week: Nicola Carragher in Cork, Ireland

Cork? I seem to know Cork although I've never been there. I've heard about it from my friend Sabine Kriebel, who is a professor in the arts at the University College Cork and the writer of a great book titled Revolutionary Beauty: The Radical Photomontages of John Heartfield. And in Berlin I once attended a reading of Cork-novelist Cónal Creedon, who is drop-dead funny and writes in a Cork-y timber: "Gowaan, shag off outa here!" And now I discovered the art blog Art in Cork of Nicola Carragher. It's a new blog but already very productive, covering quite everything exciting that happens in Cork's art scene - announcing upcoming openings, events, combined with in-depth reviews. You can also start following Nicola on Twitter

Art scene 
"I'm from Dublin but I have been living in Cork since last year. I wasn't aware of all the exciting things that were happening in Cork before I moved here and that was one the reasons for starting the blog. I wanted to spread awareness nationally and internationally. The arts in the city was really affected by the economic crisis which resulted in the closure of several galleries but it also opened up unique spaces for arts events and organisations. There is still a definite lack of funding but people in the arts are making the most of what is available." 

"I started my blog Art in Cork in March this year so it is still a relatively new project. I found that there was a need there that focused on the visual arts scene in the city and promoted the events and spaces to a wider audience. I was also inspired by all the writers I met while doing a course with An at Node Centre for Curatorial Studies. I wanted to develop my writing skills; reading other art blogs was a great place to start for me."   

"I graduated from Fine Art at Dublin Institute of Technology in 2012 and since then I have gained experience in several galleries and festivals in Ireland. In my current role as manager at CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery I have the opportunity to meet with people of all backgrounds and disciplines. We have a high turn around for exhibitions with usually one - two a month and the exhibition covered during that time have ranged from stone sculpture, ceramics, textiles new media and many more. Also, as we are connected to the college so I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw from." 

"I do not earn money through my blog but it benefits my overall experience by connecting me with artists and opportunities that I would not have otherwise found. It is a great way to showcase my passion for the arts and provide support for emerging and established talent."

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  1. The blog looks like a lot of fun and is very informative. Good recommendation.