October 14, 2015

Art Blogger of the Week: Jenny Thingshung in Delhi, India

Jenny Thingshung in front of wood carving art of the Naga tribe in the Northeast India

I was happy when I found out about Jenny Thingshung's blog Potful of Life. It combines art with food and travel - awesomeness! My three favourite things in life! I especially like reading reviews about food - not only because of the food itself, but because of the language that is used to describe it. Even more: since Jenny Thingshung lives in India, her blog focusses especially on Indian food! Ah!!! By the way, you will read below Thingshung's philosophy on art and life, and it's one that I like to share. And as if art, food, and travel aren't enough, Thingshung also writes poetry. You can follow her on Facebook and on Twitter. 

Art Scene
"I am fortunate to live in one of the most art conscious cities in India, Delhi, considered as the country’s diverse cultural centre with hundreds of contemporary art galleries. Modern art is trending majorly in India. What I have seen and observed in the present local art scene is that there is visible awareness to art and more youngsters are investing in it which was unheard of few years ago. Galleries are mushrooming everywhere. In the last few years, international art fairs and exhibitions have made its footfall which attracts global collectors and galleries from all over the world. There’s an obvious increase of global interest in the Indian art market." 

"I wanted to start blogging since a long time ago however it never materializes until 2012 when I began with a personal blog. However, I found my footing with “Potful of Life”. With the simple motto, “Eat Well. Live Full. Think Just.”, I began putting together stuff especially food reviews as I was already a regular food columnist for a travel magazine. Art is something very personal to me and I string it along with travel and personal thoughts to make it whole and more complete in my “Potful of Life”. 
We live in the world surrounded by art. I believed that art goes beyond mere representation in a canvas or a stone or a wood. Art is the way we live, we eat, we dress, the way we plan our day, the way we communicate with people with or without our consciousness. When we travel to new places, there’s a visible change in topography, culture and expression, faces, features and colors, cuisines, attires, ways of speaking and even thinking and beliefs. There’s an art in it all. We just need to recognize the aesthetic sense and revel in its beauty. If we live in cognizance of this beautiful essence of life’s art, we could find a way to enlightenment and freedom. Blogging is a great outlet to share interests and passion and connect with the world. I am connected with food and travel writers as well as a few artists."

"I am a media professional. I have dabbled with writing, reporting and also radio. (Now looking forward to join Reuters (India) very soon.) Blogging does come in handy with my job as I interact with people from different walks of life. Blogging has been a satisfying experience so far. Apart from finding joy at mere sharing, I get noticed among a likeminded circle." 

"Sadly I do not, directly or indirectly, monetize on my blog. I wish I know how do.. :-) But yes it definitely helps in broadening my horizon. It makes me easier to reach out to more people and also help me connect with many likeminded people and that is more than what I can bargain from the lack of making money out of blogging." 

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