October 7, 2015

Art Blogger of the Week, Sujin Jung in Seoul, South-Korea

I can't read Korean so that's why I can't tell you too much about Sujin Jung's blog content, but just by its title Cue O Q. A Series of Choices, Life Curating one can sense it has character. I know actually for sure that it has character, because I met Sujin Jung in my online class on creative forms in art writing at Node Center. On her blog you can check her class assignment on fictional non-fiction, written in English with the funky title "Pink is the Most Affordable Color". I would say that Jung has a a sort of plastic art writing going on: it dwells on the surface (pink), it's easy-going and fun, and succeeds in revealing the hidden messages from that surface. Sujin Jung's trade mark is the inclusion of "haha"'s in her reviews. In class we decided to start quoting it in our own reviews too, like: "As the art critic Sujin Jung would say: 'haha!'" Please feel free to start quoting her too! And you can follow her blog on Facebook

Art Scene
"In South Korea, where I am living, most of the interesting events happen in Seoul and sometimes in Daegu, Gwangju. Personally, I think South Korea’s art scene is always one step behind the global scene. For example, nowadays there is a trend of holding exhibitions at the most unusual places with a sense of realness to it, like a former factory, motel, etc. In short, there is a move to leave the white cube, but in the global scene that has already happened, and actually now it’s going back to the white cube to make a contrast. That’s  just my thinking though. Well, moreover, South Korea art scene is too much like politics, and this creates a lot of problems. For instance, the director position of MMCA (the national museum of modern and contempory art) has been vacant for about one year because of political and power issues. What a shame...! And, nepotism is also a big problem. It is possible that when the big system is changed, South Korea art scene could definitely go one step forward." 

"I started my blog since I was reporter writing exhibition reviews. My blog title is 'Cue O Q', and O is Spanish. So, cue or Q, it comes from my confusion and I thought it is an interesting and good way to express my blog's feature. Because, In my blog I would like to curate life - like not only curating art but also other things like food, places, film... (well, nowadays everything is connected haha) but mainly focus on writing reviews of the exhibits. 
And I made some categories, one of those is one year at the art museum. It’s based on Alan de Botton's book about Heathrow airport. Like observing things and people at the art museum, and I wrote about that. Well, for some reasons, I lost my interest in writing (and probably my laziness is one of the reasons), so I didn't post a lot. However, taking Node Center's art criticism and creative writing, I really sincerely found writing interesting and fun again, so I am trying to post some more. 
And actually, I am trying to make a website with my co-workers..."

"I majored art history and philosophy (B.A.) and have gathered related work experiences, because I think being flexible is a really important ability and it’s mostly from first-hand experiences and even not related experiences like travel, hanging out, etc. Currently I’m working as a curatorial intern at Sungkok Art Museum ( currently holding <Garry Winogrand x Vivian Maier>, well, honestly, art museum's feature (sort of BI) is not strong or clear at all. seriously, no kidding. Its chief curator is changed so every person (it shows South Korea art scene is like really political and it is also related to nepotism..) and everything has changed so suddenly and it is just trying to fix everything.) I’m preparing a master's degree as well. I am not sure when I go to study a master's degree exactly though haha. I am especially interested in the  'glocal' issue in the art scene, and I like learning languages, cultures and art so I can travel a lot. I think that through my own study like reading, traveling, or taking online courses, I could learn a lot so I am not sure when to go for a master's degree, but maybe it should be good to go for a master's degree... haha"


"Well, I am not pursuing money, I mean not doing my blog for money, well, but someone wants to invest in my contents then why not? haha"

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