November 18, 2015

How I started to use the f word in art reviews. And why Will Furtado is to blame

My favourite Jerry Saltz on his erotic art Instagram

I wrote for Sleek Magazine about the latest exhibition "Jonny" at insitu Berlin. The write-up has its pre-history here in my blog. It started at the exhibition opening with a sensual feeling, which extended in the following week while gallery hopping (marking the beginning of a What Would Jennifer Do? or WWJD-series) and was finally released for Sleek Magazine. Released indeed, I mean, I even used the f word, something I don't even do in my own blog. Sleek editor Will Furtado is actually to blame. I had nicely put it as "f*", thinking that the little star behind the f would make it sound a little cuter, but then Will didn't see the point of not spelling it out. So there it appeared online: "fucking" (it's nicer sounding in German: "ficken"). Will Furtado (who has made his appearance already a few times in this blog) was the one who inspired me in the first place to use a certain sensuality in writing. He has this sex column going on for, one that is for both men and women a highly interesting read, talking about body odour, and other sexy stuff. 

Talking insitu, my theory is that the exhibition Jonny is not primarily about seeing art: it teaches you how to feel it. How? That, you can read here

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