November 1, 2015

Node's Innovators Program 2015, Thinking in Art, and an Award for Best Art Business of the Year

I'm getting addicted to Vlogging. I'm at that Andy Warhol moment in my career, I think, when he decided to give up painting and go totally for film. Yesterday, I met a fellow amateur IMovie user, who is also a writer, and we were both so excited about cutting movies that we got the idea to make a club where we can exchange valuable IMovie information. If you're interested in joining, give me call. Or if you're interested in paying me to travel around the world to make Vlogs, you can call me too. For this Vlog, for instance, I learned how to do voice-over thanks to the input of Lauren Reid and Perla Montelongo. They are the brilliant duo behind the Innovators Program 2015 of Node Centre for Curatorial Studies, inviting 7 innovative thinkers worldwide for an 8 week funded collaboration in Berlin. I teach online courses for Node, of which Perla Montelongo is the director, and let me just say that if I could give an award to Best Art Business of the Year, I would give it to Node, and not only because Node is my dear employer. Just have a look at the blog of the Innovators Program and you'll notice immediately the vibe of sincere art love that instigates Node in general. I attended the Innovator Program for a few hours on a Friday afternoon and was only able to capture a tiny fragment of what was happening during those 8 weeks. So to get a more fuller picture of the program, read that blog and sign up for the newsletter

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