June 15, 2016

Isa Genzken's Crème de la Crème

A big Isa Genzken exhibition is going on at the Martin Gropius Bau and although it is not well curated I can only recommend to go and see it. Isa Genzken makes great work, really top, so I was excited and you'll be so too. Up front: as always in Martin Gropius Bau they didn't bother making a stringent selection (we know by now that they have a horror vacui there, why is anyone's guess) and this exhibition in particular is poorly curated, which is unfortunate for such a great artist showing in her hometown Berlin. Luckily the artwork has a strength to it so that even bad curation can’t kill the art. Let me tell you how to visit the exhibition to get the most out of it: Upon entering choose the right side of the exhibition - it has the Nefertitis, the Fuck the Bauhaus, all of Isa Genzken's crème de la crème. Afterwards, don’t go to the left side of the exhibition because the art work is stuffed in the space in a way that it can't breathe and neither can you. Just go home and read the interview with Isa Genzken in the Tagesspiegel. She's quite a spirit. Once she titled an exhibition in Vienna I’m Isa Genzken, the Only Female Fool, so you get the gist. In the Tagesspiegel the journalists told her that her artwork sells for a good price and that she must be happy, and she is like:  “Sells well? Take Jeff Koons, he’s of my generation, much worse than I am, but so much more expensive. That's injustice.” Haha, right on!  The journalists then continue, clearly eager to get some frustration and self-pitty out of Isa Genzken: “Do women have a harder time on the art market?” She: “No, they’re just not that good. The best artists are gay. Like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, also Gerhard Richter.” 

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