August 25, 2016

Summer Musing: Practical Advice by Ingrid Bergman

In my favourite art bookstore there is a new edition of Isabella Rossellini’s biography Some of Me, published in 1997. Salesperson P. told me that it’s not a good book, but it does have some good insider news on Rossellini’s mother Ingrid Bergman. Apparently Bergman liked the homely life, taking care of the kids, cooking, etc. And there was one advice she gave to Rossellini, so P. told me: “Du kannst immer etwas mit in der K├╝che nehmen.” (You can always take something with you to the kitchen). It means, when you’re on your way to the kitchen, why don't you look around to see if there’s anything that needs washing, like an ash tray or a wine glass, and it’s true that you will always find something, isn't it. Very good practical advice from Ingrid Bergman that can make life if not easier, at least cleaner.

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