September 29, 2016

Little Thoughts on Art: Did Warhol Meet Picasso?

Andy Warhol loved France, or at least, I know for sure he loved the French language. He had such a good time in Paris exhibiting his Flowers there (I believe it was in 1965) that he decided it would be the place to declare that he was leaving painting behind. He told the French press: “I only want to make movies now.” And he was excited to see the next day how they had reformulated it in the papers as “going to devote my life to the cinema.” He was equally excited when he disovered the French word magn├ętophone for his “wife”, the tape recorder: “Doesn’t that look nice on the page? Different. A new word for the same thing.”  But what Andy Warhol admired most about Paris, was definitely Pablo Picasso. Prolific, great at PR, huge production - Picasso can be seen as Warhol’s mentor. Did both stars ever meet? So far I know, they didn’t. But after that first show in Paris, Andy Warhol left very happy. With all the publicity in the French press he was sure, so he wrote in POPism, that “Picasso must have heard of us at last.”

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