November 25, 2016

The Importance of Being Artist

Are you sometimes wondering during your museum visit if you've spotted an important artist? Somehow you can just feel you've seen one by the way they walk through the exhibition space. It's not so much what they wear, but it's the air of owning the space they walk in, in this case the contemporary art museum. Mostly it goes together with an aura of importance and also an incredibly serious look. I detected one yesterday. It was easy to do so because he (of course of the male gender) was talking to a (of course female) curator with a very serious look of importance on his face. I just caught a fragment of the conversation. "I have a mission", he said with his face getting even paler from carrying the weight. I backed off immediately to the safe zone of the bookstore because artists (especially the white male ones) with a mission are the worst. Fortunately, salesperson M. put me at ease by saying: "Wer eine Mission hat, hat ein wahres Leben." (Those who have a mission, have a true life.)

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