February 19, 2017

The Number 10. Or How To Sail on the Wrong Boat in the 21st Century

“There are only male artists in this group show,” I said to the gallerist, feeling in a generous feminist mood to teach males how to do it better next time. “How many women artists do you have in your gallery?” “Two,” he said. “Out of how many?” I asked. “Out of ten.” I smiled: “How did that happen?” “I just didn’t come upon the right female artists,” he replied. I was surprised, not expecting to hear that argument still in the 21st century. I mean, who doesn’t know by now that some structural discrimination is at work, by which some art is considered to have more authority and value than other? “Thinking of expanding some more?” I asked him. “No, ten seems to be the right number.” “Are you serious? Ten? Take nine, or eleven, but ten?" We hadn't talked about whiteness, but I can just say to all these gallerists out there that if they aren’t starting to be more self-reflective about their choices, they are definitely sailing on the wrong boat in the 21st century. It's gonna be sinking and that’s that. 

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