May 29, 2017

Deswegen!!! Gob Squad's Kitchen (You've Never Had It So Good)

Best theatre piece I saw in a decade happened last Saturday. At HAU Gob Squad performed Kitchen. I'm writing this so you know that they are performing another piece upcoming weekend at the Volksbühne and you should be there.

In the year 2017 Gob Squad turns back to the exciting moment of 1965 when "everything is just about to happen. Pop, subculture, feminism, drugs, bright lights, and sex about to rock the world like never before." They do so by reconstructing Andy Warhol films like Eat, Sleep, Kiss, Blow Job, Screen Test, Kitchen, in which Warhol taped people around him doing stuff. Are they authentic? a journalist asked, to which Warhol responded: "They're faking it, until it becomes real." 

Gob Squad did it. At the end of the piece all the actors have been swopped by non-actors of the audience performing Kitchen on screen. Who would have thought that Warhol films can be reenacted for real and sincere? 

When the audience first enters the theatre, it's taken backstage behind the scenes. This is the only time this evening, they tell us, that you will see something 3D. 

Let's do postmodern dance à la Anne Imhof, an actor proposes, and they start twitching their bodies on the kitchen table. Best parody ever. 

Gob Squad gets it. People doing superficial random stuff on film, like kissing, eating, sleeping and it means something. The piece ends with the word "deswegen." 

In 100 years people will look at this footage and say: "Deswegen..." (ah, that' why...) 

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