June 13, 2017

Guttural Responses at documenta 14

Comfort is nice. The pleasures of a well designed map, a well designed program, and well designed art labels are largely invisible until they lack.

documenta 14 didn't feel like the result of team work. It felt as if the various curators had been marking their territory, like dogs peeing at every corner. 

Expanding and getting bigger is of course what every company wants. But what if documenta had decided to shrink and then would have been able to pay every collaborator? Oh!  

It didn't work when Artur Zmijewski tried to bring the Occupy Movement in the art space for the Berlin Biennial. It also doesn't work the other way around: by letting artists take over the work of politicians. 

This is really nice to sing, you can do so everywhere while hands in the air. Artist Jennifer Danos invented it and then started singing along: Money Men Money Money Men Men Money Men Money Men Money Money Men Men Money Money MEN MONEY MONEY MEN MONEY MEN MONEY MONEY MEN MEN Money Men Men Money Men Men Money Money (this continues)

Question mark face when seeing that the Berlin artist Olaf Holzapfel has a whole floor of the Palais to himself with work made out of hay, inspired by Chile. 

The ground floor of the Neue Galerie was curated as a kind of Cabinet de Curiosity with many women artists and as a culmination point the art work by a transgender artist with no arms. Can I bet that a white male heterosexual curator was at work here, expanding his freedom? 

Depressed when I saw postmodern dancers crawling on the floor at the Neue Neue Galerie. How can we keep the Anne Imhof phenomenon contained to Venice? 

Otobong Nkanga sold towers of soap made out of charcoal for 20 Euros a piece at no less than 4 locations. Such an overdose that I can't see her work anymore for at least the next 5 years. 

The Fridericianum smelled like moths in a closet and had an all over Anselm Kiefer gloom.  

Showing solo in a dark space separated from everything else might have been the only way for the art work to survive. Lucky Ben Russell. 

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