July 7, 2017

Friday Afternoon Poetry with Farzaneh Safavi

My friend Farzaneh Safavi is visiting from San Francisco. We like to write poetry together so we did this Friday afternoon. "Nothing" is inspired by Andy Warhol, "Na so was" by Berlin artist Wolfgang Müller.

by Farzaneh Safavi

"for nothing this wide universe I call
save thou, my rose, in it thou art my all."

Nothing are the arguments and penetrations of sadness
in the forest of my heart
the gnashes, the overthrown and crumbled towers 
the weeping willows wallowing in their bend
reaching toward their mirroring reflections in glimmering waters.

Nothing is this face
these trembling hands gesticulating goodbyes,
the last looks behind the glass
the eyes that remain 
still searching for that glance.

Nothing is this waiting,
anticipating the embrace that is yet to be realised,
the releasing of this breath 
to breathe a sigh and
to hold you in the widening spaces of my breast. 

Nothingness it shall be 
until life gives birth to thee,
my dear and then it will all be worth
the thunder, the rain, the quiet, the stillness,
and we fill the spaces in-between.

by An Paenhuysen

Nothing really matters
is a line of a song
that pops up for no reason 
when your world is going numb

It's a concept of the Buddha
that says nothing much
if you are high
but can save you from destruction
if you're falling down the sky

Making nothing or doing something
is the same piece of cake
although more wrong is done 
by people doing some 
than by people doing none 

Na so was
by Farzaneh Safavi

The birds were chirping
While the rain began to pour
na so was !

The calendar said it was summer,
But the rain never ceased to fall
na so was !

The hot cup of tea that burned my lips
Has turned cold
na so was !

We sat in the park to write poetry
Thunder began to roar
na so was !

She planted a seed to make her wish come true
And a year later, a flower bloomed
na so was !

I flew thousands of miles crossing many a land and sea
But my feet never touched the earth
na so was !

The wind slammed and opened the window
Waking me from a lovely summer slumber
na so was !

We sat and talked so much
That the day grew old
na so was !

Na so was
by An Paenhuysen

Na so was
is an exclamation
that German language uses
for avoiding an exclamation point

A surprise without
being overwhelmed 
by the surprise

A regret that distinguishes itself
from being regrettable

A slight hovering 
in between sentences

A little break 
between the feeling
and that what it's about  

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