October 28, 2017

AGB Open Sunday Part 4: Aphorisms, Cornering and Späti-Saufen

Aphorisms are a great way to stretch the brain, to think big, like universe- and humanity-big. They're also called "street poetry" or "literature's handluggage." Last Sunday at the library we did some stretch exercises in thinking. We thought for instance about how we are sweating in 2017. If the sweat of the 1970s was the one of sex, the 1980s the one of anxiety, then the sweat of the 2010s is absorbed immediately by sweat-fighting gear.  Or how we experience time in the 21st century? It's no longer the clutter time of the 1960s, or the empty time of the 1970s, the free time of the 1980s, and the slacking time of the 1990s. Somebody came up with the word "cornering" - it was translated into German as "Späti-saufen." We ended the workshop with a few thoughts about Die Bibliothek am Sonntag:

Umhergehen am Sonntag in der Bibliothek ist ganz vertraut und gleichzeitig so anders. Beides macht mir Vergnügen.
Wir frühstücken gut, dann ist alles wie immer nur in schön. 
Bibliothek am Sonntag, Menschen am Sonntag
Bibliothek am Sonntag ist ein Anfang. Ich bin für Bibliothek 24h jeden Tag.
Sonntag möchte ich lesen aber nicht in die Bibliothek gehen.
Die Bibliothek am Sonntag ist wie Wikipedia... nur in echt. 

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