The Talk Of The Night: Andy Warhol at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

The Talk Of The Night: Andy Warhol at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

Tainá Guedes presenting her cookie made of "soil" at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

You know how it’s better not to look at art on an empty stomach? And then there is art that is hard to digest (the serious kind of art), and some artists that are easier to stomach when seen together (like Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol cancel out each-others overdose). So what could be better then to have a dinner in which each dish corresponds to an art work on the wall? Entretempo Kitchen Gallery invited me for such a treat on Friday night. It was a “philosophical 5 courses menu” accompanying the exhibition FOOD WASTE MONEY in which my friend kate hers RHEE is featured with her legendary Dr. Rhee Kimtchi Shop. The night started off with a performance of Camila Rhodi whispering in my ear “take me” (and so I did). And my favorite dish of the night was a cookie inspired by childhood memories: didn’t we all prepare those cookies made of soil in the garden? Tainá Guedes, the cook and the director of the gallery, made sure that the cookies served were perfectly eatable. Guedes had caught my eye the week before at the exhibition opening, wearing a wonderful dress from the Brazilian design label FARM RIO made out of recycled green bottles. She told me there is a whole bunch of exciting events lined up at the gallery in the upcoming weeks - exploring, for instance, the connection of butoh dance and food

Tainá Guedes at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery wearing her recycled dress

A dinner is about the art of conversation and I lucked out that night with Anaisa Franco on my left talking about my favorite city of all times: San Francisco. And on my right side, kate hers RHEE was flashing this most beautiful pink blouse. The highlight of the night was, however, when kate left her chair (haha!) and I started talking to Doris and discovered she was a time witness of Andy Warhol! Oh my, can you believe my excitement! It’s not the first time that I meet a time witness of Andy Warhol. During a guided tour in Hamburger Bahnhof I met a French lady who met Warhol in the 1980s in the Limelight. She revealed to me that he was shorter than she had expected (“all great stars are short”!) and that he didn’t say a word but just taped the whole conversation and she kept asking him questions and talking to him until she felt transparent. That's such an Andy Warhol experience, isn't it! Well, Doris’ story was also quite exciting because she refused to meet Andy Warhol. I know, I know... I was looking at her with a stupefied expression - mouth half open, eyes wide spread. She explained that a friend of her father, a lawyer, offered her to introduce her to Andy Warhol in a one-to-one situation. Doris was at that time hanging out in New York with all these cool people (she named them but I immediately forgot the names, still looking at her in horror). Being a fine young thang, she just couldn’t be bothered...

kate hers RHEE, sitting next to Doris, the woman who refused to meet Andy Warhol, and next to her Rory, who was hit on by Andy Warhol

But the night got even better when Doris left her chair (haha!) and I started talking to Rory. Hold your breath, but yes! Also he was a time witness of Andy Warhol and he had an even better story to tell than Doris. Andy Warhol hit on him! We’re talking the early 1980s. Rory met Warhol at a party of a friend. Warhol was very pushy that night, not passive at all, ordering a drink and ordering people around. Rory declined to go into it with Warhol. Warhol’s skin was really looking bad that night with a lot of make-up  plastered on top of it and Rory didn’t feel turned on. At that point Doris came back to her chair and suggested to me that I talk to all these people who really knew Andy Warhol - she could introduce me, no problem. I politely declined of course. I said I rather meet people who have not really met Andy Warhol but only saw him from a distance or never got to talk to him for real. These stories are much better. I rolled my eyes and said to Doris: "I’m not a groupie, you know?"